Strong Enough For Adults But Safe Enough For Kids


  • Become an essential product in your daily routine to fight germs.
  • Partner with schools, daycares, activity centers and youth sporting centers to strategically install dispensers in classrooms, playrooms, gyms and fields.   
  • Make Sweet Skin individually wrapped hand sanitizing wipes a SWEET SURPRISE in every kids meal and to go order.
  • Make hand sanitizing CONVENIENT, QUICK, SIMPLE AND EASY!!!!! 

Alcohol FREE

Rinse- FREE

Fast Drying

Why Sweet Skin Hand Sanitizer??

  • Published studies report that benzalkonium based hand sanitizers demonstrated greater sustained antibacterial activity than gelled alcohol-based hand sanitizers that actually become less effective with repeated use.
  • Sweet Skin hand sanitizer will not strip natural oils from your skin which can cause dry cracked skin.
  • Sweet Skin hand products are gentle on the skin especially those that suffer with eczema!
  • Non-flammable and non damaging to surfaces
  • Alcohol- based product’s ability to kill bacteria ends once the product has dried on the skin, benzalkonium-based products continue to work well even after the solution has dried..