About Sweet Skin


Sweet Skin is the creation and brainchild of a young  entrepreneur who at the young age of 9 realized she could not  find personal care products that she was excited about. She cared about her health and wanted to start good habits early.  In searching she did not find any products tailored for kids and  tweens. So she decided to start a line of products on her own.

Sweet Skin was born. A line of personal care products including  face wash, lotion and deodorant that are all natural and  aluminum free were launched one year later by Kennedi when  she was only 10.

In 2020 when Covid19 stopped the world Kennedi once again sprung into action. She understood the need for kids to extend their healthy hygiene habits to help combat this virus. Kennedi has since partnered with Kidz Karousel Daycare to provide an alcohol free hand sanitizer to kids and adults of all ages.